The completely innocent Virginia Soentgen was Lynched by the Wayne County Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas as part of a Hate Crime Conspiracy masterminded in large part by a partner attorney at the law firm of Williams & Connolly LLP, an Edward "eddie" Bennett, who compromised Virginia Soentgen's totally corrupt and so-called defense attorney Samuel C. Stretton, who went along with this Lynching. Williams & Connolly LLP is the law firm of Bill and Hillary Clinton's David E. Kendall, and was until Novemeber 2009 represented by Gregory Craig, White House counsel to Barack Obama; Photos of the SIX NOOSES FROM HELL HATE CRIME are forthcoming, NOOOSES and this White House; extraordinary! Please visit the Paul and Virginia Soentgen Vanilla Sky Photo Array presentation to see the civil rights case of the 21st Century at: